hspira frej 90 with blood red stain and white accents

Submitted byhoward onSat, 01/26/2019 - 09:18
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15 foot by 19 inch Frej drawn by Bjorn Thomassson.   The objective of the project was a high performance, great looking design for my petite wife which could be executed at 25 lbs or less to make it easy to carry.   Construction highlights:

  • Major focus on light weight so basic execution was 3/16 inch western red cedar with 4 oz s-glass inside and out…very careful epoxy work.
  • Keyhole style cockpit for ease of entry and exit.  Since the boat is built light with no rub-pads, the idea is you don’t drag it or run it up on beach….but get your legs out and pick up the boat.
  • Stained with Behlens SolarLux stain Blood Red with white cedar accents.
  • Custom seat from Joe Greenley at Redfish Kayaks.   The seat integrates back and thigh support into a single unit so there is no back band or cheek plates.  A very clean design and contributes to light weight
  • Custom built, carbon fibre skeg and skeg box.  Control box and mechanicals are provided by Mark at Superior Kayaks.  
  • Soft pad-eyes for all the deck rigging inspired by Redfish kayaks…..robust but light as there are no screws
  • Optic yellow bungee for some ‘pop’ against the deep red color of the hull
  • Kevlar for seaming and carbon in bulkheads to keep weight down.
  • Chesapeake Light Craft cut the forms.  Dan at Clearstream provided the reduction.