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Strip: Damage repair *PIC*

I thought it might interest a few people to see how I repaired a close encounter with a pointy rock.

The damage, clean through the glass and about 3mm into the wood:

I taped a steel ruler onto the hull next to the damage, and used a box cutter with just a couple of mm of the blade showing to cut around the damaged area, one strip wide:

I then used a flat chisel to make a shallow hole:

Cut a piece of strip to fit the gap:

And glued it in:

Planed it flat (the plane is a Veritas Miniature, all I had handy)

Sanded it:

Cut a scrap of glass cloth to cover:

Wet it out and filled it:

And sanded it back flat (actually, I will have to wait a week or so for the epoxy to cure fully before I can sand it really smooth)

All in all a couple of hours easy work.

So go rock gardening, even in a fully (80kgs of gear and water) loaded North Star!

Yes Rob, my brand new one, second day in the water :-)


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