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I haven't built either of the boats you are considering, but I am in the process of building a smaller Cape Ann design. I found the plans very well prepared, the advice in Vaclav's book and online excellent, and his support prompt and thorough. I am very happy with my decision to buy one of his plans, and I am sure that if you choose the Cape Ann, you will not be disappointed.

Good luck with your project,

Best regards,

Allan Edie

: Hello..
: I am going to be choosing either the Laughing Loon - Twin Star
: tandem baidarka or the One Ocean Kayak - Cape Ann Double. Ive
: never built a strip kayak before so this will be quite the
: journey and I am looking forward to it..I am just wondering if
: any of you have had experiences either bad or good with these
: plans from these two builders. Looking mostly for lake use with
: some but infrequent use in the bay. (Washington State) I have
: provided links to both designs below..Thanks..