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: I've built several Panaches from Laughing Loon and used several of
: the ideas from One Ocean. Also have built Redfish designs. I did
: like building the Laughing Loon design and Rob was quick with
: responses when I ran into problems. I prefer the Redfish design
: for the cockpit combing and used a flush mount for the hatches
: (which it appears Rob uses now). The last boat I used a custom
: fiberglass seat formed from a mold of own rear. This worked
: quite well. There is no one way to do anything and this forum is
: a good resource for the building. As for performance, I have not
: paddled either tandem and the tandems I have paddled have all
: been fine for straight line paddling and not so good on turns.
: What I would be considering is how much gear I would be taking
: and what there is for storage. For a tandem, I would also
: seriously consider a rudder.
: best
: don
Good input..Thanks for the advice..