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Re: free e-book on boatbuilding

: Hi Paul,

: Glen L does have lots of great info, also has some fairly dated
: designs, with a few newer ones mixed in.

: Bill H.

I once built a plywood Glen L speed boat called a Flying Saucer. (25 years ago perhaps). It went like crazy and could pull a skier with a 25 hp motor, but it bounced around like a dingbat if the water got choppy. Not enough V in the hull for the seas around here.

I punished the boat horrendously, at speeds in sea-states it was not designed for. The 6mm plywood hull, sheathed one side with glass and grp showed never a sign of fatigue, though I often got punch-drunk. I doubt a foam core would have stood it unless it was seriously backed up with multiple laminations.

Plywood is strong.