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Re: Tools: New Safe Table Saw
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The entire concept of this is scary. On one hand, if you feel you need it, perhaps you should not own power saws.

But on the other hand, if you have kids that are old enough to use the table saw and show interest, it would certainly instill a lot of confidence in having the saw available.

Sometimes when I watch Tom Silva on this old house, he pushes pretty close to that blade with his hands. I always use push sticks and never get near that blade.

It just seems like a laser beam could be developed to shut down the saw if the beam is broken. Its not an instantaneous saw stop but a good warning if the user is doing something stupid. I know big cutters in print shops have exactly that. They have a laser beam and .... to fire off the cutter you have to push two buttons at once.

Maybe I'm over-thinking it.