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Re: Tools: New Safe Table Saw
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It's a much better design than the Sawstop, as it doesn't destroy the blade and cost a fortune every time it fires and the cartridges are reasonably priced. While it's easy for Sawstop to say that the replacement parts and blade are cheaper than a trip to the hospital, the truth is that you're probably more likely to have a false activation due to damp wood than an actual incident where is saves your skin.

While Bosch lost a lawsuit to Sawstop, it's under appeal and may well be reversed. If I was in the market for a new table saw and felt the need for this type of safety device, I'd definitely go with the Bosch. Sawstop also tried unsuccessfully to force every table saw manufacturer to license it's system by lobbying for federal regulations making it mandatory on all table saw. I really hate companies that do that kind of crap and would never buy their products for that reason alone.