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Re: USFS Wood Handbook
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Each original lower chord of the truss was comprised of two x 4 inch wide, 16 in tall and over 120 feet long pieces of eastern hemlock (we think).

Perhaps is was American Chestnut which was widely used for large structures like barns, warehouses, piers.

My understanding is they were huge trees 50' taller than any tree in the eastern canopy and dominated the eastern forests. They were wiped out in the wild by a blight around 1900. Many old structures here in New England are made of chestnut.

I've worked with some from reclaimed sources (old barns) and it's great wood similar to cherry in workability.

Modern art critics thought painters in the Hudson Valley School of Art were taking liberty with the size of the chestnut trees they painted in a scale much larger than anything we see today in the east.