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Re: USFS Wood difiance
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Years back I sold plans to a woman who had mahogany available and wanted to use it for a stripper. Of course I advised her about the weight, milling work, stiffness and on and on. She had a carpenter friend rip strips for her and she worked away on this for a long time. I was in constant contact with her during the build since she had 0 wood working experience.

A year later she arrives at the Newfound gathering and I was flattered since she drove many states to get there. Not only was the boat beautiful but weighed 46 lbs. 1/4" strips. So go figure. Every chart would say 70% heaver than cedar. Granted there's many types of mahogany but still. It looked like S. American and not African but not that cheap grainy stuff.

When I picked it up, I couldn't believe it. She just smiled as she noticed my surprise of the light weight.