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Strip: recommended hot glue?

I was looking for advice on what brand of hot glue youse guys are working with that will pop out, and clean up easily.

I'm about ready to glue the forms back into the hull of a Njord so that I can begin stripping the deck. If memory serves, every time I've come to the point of knocking forms out after a deck is finished in the past, I've ended up spending way too much time cleaning up remnants of hot glue. One or two forms might pop out cleanly, but the majority will leave a sticky mess that requires laborious scraping to remove.

I've not been putting a fill coat on the inside, partly to save weight, partly to leave a non-skid surface. This makes it even more important that the glue will release cleanly.

Perhaps I can put a stripe of clear packing tape down first, and glue the forms to that? But there must be better glue out there than whatever it is that I have picked up from the Home Despot.