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Steve Solomon - lamented about experienced builders saying, "Do this" without explanation.

FWIW - that wasn't exactly my lament. You and the other experienced builders who participate here provide explanations all the time, in your posts, your books, videos, detailed descriptions on your web sites, etc., and I very much appreciate it.

I posted an observation based on the premise that since the existing explanations were good, more explanations would be better. I got pushback in two directions - surprisingly, several posters seemed to suggest that explanations aren't good, and it'd be better to have more "do this" type of advice, and only from recognized "experts." Others seemed to focus on the limits of explanation - valid, but I never said "hey let's build a discussion forum that can contain all the answers," I was saying since you guys have gone to all the trouble to build and maintain this great discussion forum, let's talk about the sorts of things discussions forums are good at, rather objecting to the things they aren't good at.

Interesting thread regarding wood, though. The answer might be blowin' in the wind - but the Ultimate Question turned out to be "What do you get if you multiply six by nine?" :-)

My ultimate question is how can I warm up my basement so I can get on with it and start epoxying? I'm at a construction impasse...