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Re: Strip: recommended hot glue?

Why tape at the sheer Rob? I'm not sure I understand your point. I had thought I might try running some tape first, and gluing the entire form to the tape. But not just at the sheer. Perhaps when the form is knocked out, the tape would peel off with the glue in a neat manner. Or perhaps not. :) I've never tried that. Don't know if it would work.

Glue that would just release reliably would likely be better and simpler. I ordered 5 lbs of stiks. Hoping for the best.

Jarle, I think the last glue I used could be weakened with denatured alcohol, or maybe acetone. It was still pretty tedious cleaning up.

FWIW, the inside got a fill coat tonight. I think she is well and truly filled and coated. Hope so! :)