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Re: Strip: recommended hot glue?

Why tape at the sheer Rob? I'm not sure I understand your point.

You asked;

I'm about ready to glue the forms back into the hull of a Njord so that I can begin stripping the deck. If memory serves, every time I've come to the point of knocking forms out after a deck is finished in the past, I've ended up spending way too much time cleaning up remnants of hot glue

After you've glassed the hull mark the station locations in the hull and knock them out to break the hot glue used on each strip in the hull construction. You do this to make deck removal easier after the deck is glassed.

The idea is to make station removal from the hull easier as you remove the deck after glassing.

As you place the stations back in the hull you only need to apply a dot of hot glue at the sheer line to hold the station in the hull. This us why I suggested applying tape here.

Are you talking about cleaning up all glue from the interiors of the deck and hull, if so that's another issue.

If you have trouble removing hot glue your scraper is not sharp.