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Re: It ain't like it used to be - wood

I used to be able to get redwood locally in CT. I did one stripper out of it.I used to get Mahogany locally. Wealthy people actually used it for decks. People still use clear cedar under gutters, even with the availability of synthetics - what a waste.

As a guitar maker ... no more Brazilian Rosewood. The major instrument makers knew it was coming and grabbed up all kinds of wood even before harvested. Many like Gibson have huge logs stored. Sitka spruce is like gold. And with the potato heads in our coming will only get worse. I don't mean to be the bad news bear but we now have learned how precious our trees are (at least some of us).

I scavenge thrown away furniture for good cabinet grade wood. Not long ago, I acquired a solid mahogany child's bed.

A local luthier here bought 'an old bed headboard and footboard' at the auction house - folks couldn't understand why he paid a few hundred dollars. It was solid Brazilian! I think he got a good number of classical guitar sets out of them- enough to pay for the auction bid and a new bandsaw.

Anyway, now that all the rosewoods (not only Brazilian) are going on the CITES list, don't plan on taking your guitar across borders without a pile of paperwork. It's really a blow to 'foreign' luthiers who used to sell into the USA.

There's still a good amount of boatbuilding wood available here (BC) a price. Last year I needed some WRC,and asked at the yard for a 10 or 12-footer. "Sorry the only clear WRC we have is 22 footers".....and it was air-dried boat lumber. (4/4 x 8 -12" wide)