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It looks to be in the same ball park as a Pax20 which is a dog to paddle. The engine in my boats is showing signs of wear but still pushes the big guys along OK. My Stellar is 6.4M long and 18" wide.
The boat I want to build is actually for my wife. After all these years she has started to paddle and is on a very stable poly spec ski ( 5.8 M x .6M wide). She says she would like a faster boat so she can keep up a bit better. Bless her heart, she thinks it's the boat that's making her slow.
Anyway, I'm happy to stoke her interest in paddling so we went up the coast to demo a few entry level surf skis. She tried the Epic V8 and could manage that. I would be happy enough to paddle it as well. She then tried a Stellar S18S and loved it.
These boats are pricey and are snapped quickly when they become available used.
I then hatched a cunning and ingenious plan to build her one. The Epic 18X appears to be very similar to the V8/S18S dimensions. Hence my query.

I have already built the Pax20 surfski so I'm thinking along the lines of a 16/17' surf ski. A Ches is very easy to build and I could easily modify the bow. A mate did it to his Ches.
I'm trying her out in my OneOcean Cirrus this weekend which might sort my dilemma out. She hasn't paddled a kayak before, if she likes it and is happy to paddle it rather than a surf ski, all sorted.