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I really like the Stellar kayaks. Their hull design has heavily influenced the hull designs I design. Based on what you are describing I think a Stellar boat is a good option, I just don't think you can replicate it on a S&G. The extremely soft chine and slightly rounded bottom is pretty key in that design. It is fast, efficient, handles a good variety of water conditions well, and relatively stable. I have found it is not great in some medium wind waves scenarios. It is also a pretty full design which allows for plenty of cargo room for tripping. On most of my decks I use my higher Avocet style which I think is more visually pleasing and sheds the waves better than the Stellar decks. My Gavia Immer has a low deck similar to Stellar. She is 18' 3.4 inches long 17' 2.3" at the water line and wider beam of 21.7", 19.8" at the water line. Maybe you really want to make a shift from S&G and design a stripper.