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If you are absolutely committed to a S&G build I would take a hard look at the Freg SG. It has a similar look to the 18x but the bow is not as plumb. Unless your wife is extremely strong, she won't have to power to exploit the speed potential of an 18' boat. At speeds that she is likely to paddle, a 16' boat will likely have lower drag allowing her to paddle faster for longer.

I agree 100%. On day paddles and short trips (without a big gear load) I can (usually) keep up with my buddies in longer boats pretty easily in my 13' LOA Mariner Coaster. And, my 16' Frej is a quick 'little' boat.

For most of us, it isn't the length that makes a surfski quick, it's the small wetted surface. I'm not going to paddle at 6 knots - ever. :-)