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Re: S&G: Next boat *PIC*
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I've taken on board some of the comments and now leaning towards a 16' boat. Most likely a Ches 16 hull as the offsets are in their book

I forget whether you mentioned paddler size/weight or experience, but the Chesapeake 16 (23.5" beam) or Chesapeake LT (23" beam) will feel like barges compared to the Frej (21.25" beam). The Frej also has a much lower foredeck (size 13 shoes unlikely to fit easily) and especially rear deck height.
That height around the cockpit area was the main complaint my wife had about most of the rental boats she paddled ("like trying to paddle the bathtub"), and was the reason she bought herself a Mariner Elan and later a Romany.

Compare (use the PFD as reference):

Compare the angle of the Frej cockpit coaming to the Chesapeake: