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I never really understood why they are called "surf" skis?

Do people actually surf with them? When I see them in CT people usually want speed because they are narrow and perhaps the convenience of popping into (onto) them. Maybe in Hawaii they get used to surf massive waves. I personally have never seen one surf down a 4-6 ft wave for obvious reasons.

Maybe someone can enlighten me on this.

For me, I don't think comfort or initial stability has to be sacrificed to have a nice efficient kayak. I paddle a lot with a woman who has a beginner sit on top and she is plenty fast - after-all, where am I going? Not trying to critique anyone's desires but sometimes its a pleasant relief to slow down and enjoy what you see and your company.

I find speed or hull efficiency a real asset when I have to hump it back into the wind. I watch out for my friend and don't get her into those situations.