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Hi John, My plan is/was to throw together a ply hull and drop in a surf ski cockpit which I already have. I destroyed my first surfski in some heavy surf years ago but managed to salvage the cockpit when it washed up on shore.
I have already built a surf ski using a CLC Pax 20 hull as a base. I modified it though by raising the sheer line approximately 40 from middle station through to bow and tapering back to original in the stern. I also took a grinder to the stern's keel line to reduce that.
I will add a rudder but in this boat I would probably add an over stern rather than an under stern. Or maybe an integrated rudder for aesthetics. The under stern is great for rougher seas but I doubt my wife would be out in those. The over stern rudders are OK but look a bit clunky. The integrated rudder would look good. I have made one for my Cirrus but am still playing around with the design. Due for another test paddle this weekend.

I particularly like the integrated epic rudder with kick up skeg.