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Re: Seeking: Rice Paper Source
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Is the "laminate" rigid or is it like cloth?
I'm wondering about how to make it conform to the shape, and not be distorted.

Do you have a picture of something completed?


I wasnt wrapping across curved surfaces per se, but it did conform well to uneven surfaces.
In my conversations with Corey about goop, he told me it will chemically bond within 3 days
I waited till the nylon skin was tack free, then coated the trimmed overlays on both sides and applyed with a rubber squeegee. Recoated 2x for protection. Cloth "whiteness" dosent exactly match, but damn close enuf from a few feet. Soft and easy to work with, the laminated nylon/polyerster/goop graphics are as flexible as the rest of the skin.
Only did it last fall, so weathering will be a future discussion.
As you can see