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i'm trying to lay forms out on the strong back for a Night Heron. Starting from the bow i measured back the 12 inches and my final form on the strong back lands 10 3/4 " from the form on the the end form. i have "The Strip Built Sea Kayak" and in describing laying the forms on the strong back it refers to measuring 11 1/2 " from the first form on the strong back however in the book it shows a diagram of it being 12'' all the way through. I'm a bit confused this is my first kayak build would appreciate any advice!!!

The designer will be along shortly, I think.
In the meantime,...
'Traditional' plans don't take into account the thickness of the forms -on the plan there are lines at even spacing which represent the 'working face' of the form- the side of an un-bevelled form where the strip will hit. In practice this means that in the middle of the boat (where the strips start to bend 'the other way') there are two forms that seem 'closer together', since it's the 'working faces' that are spaced evenly vs even 'gaps' between forms.
Some plans have been 'simplified' to avoid this problem, so you do need to check with the designer.

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