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Re: Strip: night heron sheerline

If you want to save some time, CLC offers a nice 2"x4" hardback kit that is quick and easy to assemble. That is what I used on both of my builds. I did not do breakaway forms on either of my builds. You will only need to do that if you are doing a recessed cockpit and neither of my builds required that. Looking through the NH picts on the CLC web site, I see that many are built without recesses. As a first time builder you could certainly add a recess but that is also a complication that you could avoid. I am not an expert here but I suspect that the cut has to go above the hole for the strongback (leaving the 2x4 hole intact) but below the level where you want the recess to be. This is only on the 2-3 forms in the cockpit area. Somebody correct me if I am wrong.