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Strip: Bjorn thomasson frej for big guy

I'm a pretty big guy (1.94m, 128kg) and I would love to build a kayak. I have been paddling for about a year, and currently own a Nordkapp RM which barely holds my weight. I am charmed by the greenland style kayaks, I Just learned to roll and would love to get better at it, but I also want to go touring with some camping gear. After lots and lots of reading online I found the Njord and Frej by Bjorn Thomasson. I really like their design intents, but their stated weight limit is just to low.

Bjorn states on his website that his designs can be lengthened by 10% without problems, So what I have been thinking is to build a Frej at Njord Length. That should give me some 148 kilo's of capacity. What is still unclear to me is wether this includes the weight of the kayak itself or not.

The numbers appear to add up, but i would be really depressed if I spend lots of time building a kayak just to find that it stil does not have enough displacement for me and/or that its characteristics are compromised by me being overweight. So my question would be, does anybody have any experience with this?

I am looking for thoughts about if this is the right way to go, or if I should instead build a kayak that has more displacement. I haven't been able to find one that has more displacement but is still somewhat playful. So if anybody knows of one of those, I would love some advice on that too.