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Re: Strip: Bjorn thomasson frej for big guy *PIC*

Hi Klaas,

I've built a number of Björn's designs (BPs, Alleq, Frejs, Njords, Sea Racer, Panthera...) and know them well. I also often work with paddlers who don't fit "standard" designs. Being such a "pretty big guy" just about all of them would need modifications to suit your body as they are all fairly low volume by nature. For instance lengthening the Frej could work weight-wise but you still may not have room for your toes.

Unless you are used to "backpack" style camping, the Black Pearls are generally not suitable for touring. They are a fun play boat for rolling and short day trips.

Personally I would do like Mark indicated and scale up a Frej or Njord slightly. The Njord would be better for distance touring while the Frej is a bit more playful. With either I'd increase the length, beam and height uniformly to gain displacement and general volume. A 5% increase in all dimensions yields a 16% increase in displacement.

Like others have already said, your best bet would be to contact Björn directly. He generally returns correspondence very quickly and is fluent in a number of languages.


BTW: I built a strip Frej for a customer over the winter. He's finishing it himself. It's a great all around design.