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Re: Strip: Bjorn thomasson frej for big guy

Hi John! I am still mailing with Bjorn. He had several suggestions, basically they were to either pick a totally different kayak. (which was decided against, due to me wanting to do greenland rolls). Or indeed change the dimensions of Frej or Njord somewhat in all directions, like many others suggested here. I think a version of Frej is what it will be in the end. In our last mails we have been discussing deck height. Bjorn makes quite a compelling argument for keeping the deck low, basically because it gives more control over the kayak. I still need to think about it a little bit, but right now I feel I should do as he suggests.

When I have the plans and start to build I'll try to remember to post a picture here every once in a while, although I have to admit that generally when I am building stuff I forget to document it.