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Re: Strip: Bjorn thomasson frej for big guy

Klaas-Thanks for the update!

In our last mails we have been discussing deck height. Bjorn makes quite a compelling argument for keeping the deck low, basically because it gives more control over the kayak. I still need to think about it a little bit, but right now I feel I should do as he suggests.

What shoe size do you wear? I wear Sz 9.5-10 (euro 43 or so) shoes and I can paddle my Frej (standard/designed deck height) when wearing neoprene 'river shoes' or 'creek boots'. If I try to wear my 'water shoes' (like a running shoe), my feet don't fit comfortably.

Keep in mind that a lot of 'Greenland' paddlers (like Bjorn?) have become accustomed to paddling while 'pointing their toes' forward to fit under tight decks. My advice would be to build a short section of the kayak as a trial - use scrap strips - across a couple of forms (Station 4-5-6 ?) where your feet will land, and see how comfortable you are.

Using foam against the bulkhead as a footrest can give a few more options for moving your feet around, but in the Frej my feet pretty well only fit 'one way'.