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Re: Strip: Bjorn thomasson frej for big guy

Sea-lect performance hatches:

8 inch in the front, 10 inch in the rear. My boats are day boats - if I wanted to haul gear I would need a bigger one in the back.

After years I gave up on trying to make water tight hatches. These are quite tight, in fact I need a tiny air relief hole in the front bulkhead to equalize air pressure. First paddle the front hatch lid went concave when I hit the cold water, and stayed that way for three hours. I use 303 protectant on them once or twice a season.

Here is my current project, with a little detail on how I do my hatch recesses:

I use the Superior Kayaks skeg kit. I have built a few skegs myself, but now I am lazy and these work well.!/Skeg-Kit/p/80046284/category=0

have fun!