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I'm confused by what I've seen on the internet and what I've read in "The Strip-Built Sea Kayak." If I'm doing a second layer of fiberglass between the chines, do I lay up both pieces of dry cloth and wet them out together? Or do I wet out the first layer, add the second while the first is still wet, and add more epoxy to wet the second layer? Or do I wet out the first layer, and then add the second layer and wet it out after the first layer partially cures / gels? I'm guessing that the answer might be "Yes", so I suppose the question is which technique is likely to produce the best results for a first time builder?

FWIW, I'm using MAS with slow hardener. I'm working in my garage, and the temperature should be about 80 today. It seems like a good day to glass the exterior.

If you're using 6 oz. E-glass or 4oz S-glass you don't need a second layer of glass.

When I started building I too added a second layer below the waterline. I paddle the rocky, muscle shelled shores of Maine and the solid rock shores of Georgian Bay and have not needed that second layer. If all you do is surf into rocks perhaps you do.

Quite a few years back I read a study by West Systems which stated wetting out two layers at the same time allows the glass to absorb more resin than needed. Best practice is to wet-out one layer and after it's tack free apply and wet-out the second layer. Be sure to squeegee off excess resin on each layer.

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