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Re: Strip: Varnish - Gloss or Satin?


You're actually advising to not use perimeter lines? Really?

The website shows this:

Many first-time builders aren't very accomplished paddlers, from what I've seen here and on other forums. I certainly wasn't very skilled when I built my first kayak and my first canoe and my sailboat. When websites like Pygmy, CLC, and Laughing Loon (and others) show 'beautiful' kayaks without deck lines, people naturally assume that they are an 'optional extra' for those who 'choose to use them'.

Most of the pro instructors in my area (Vancouver Island/San Juans) won't let you into a class unless your boat has decent deck lines. I found this out years ago with my first Mariner Express which had 'some' lines- rear deck lines and a bow painter.