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Re: Strip: Gaps inside hull *PIC*
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Epoxy and filler is a bad gap filling mixture.

#1 - It's a mess to apply.
#2 - It takes a long time to harden.
#3 - It's difficult to sand because it's much harder than wood. The wood will erode away and the epoxy will be higher.

I use Durham's wood filler.

#1 - It's a powder you mix with water. Home Depot carries it.
#2 - Goes on easy with a putty knife and hardens fast. Easy to clean up after.
#3 - Sands easy because it's meant as a wood filler. It's not really Rock Hard.
#4 - It's natural color matches light colored woods. Make is dark by adding artist's brown acrylic paint from any art supply store.

If you're not happy with the results, wear a spray skirt.