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Re: Seeking: Advice for seat mods and toggle handl

Yes, I agree. I think I'll remove one screw from each side of the backband so at least I can lift it up out of the way to stow gear in the aft section of the kayak.

Good idea; you'll need to add a couple of padeyes and some shock cord to keep the backband from dropping too low. The main reason I don't like backbands of any type is that I always seemed to end up sitting on them when I slid my butt into the boat- so mine probably didn't have strong enough shock cord to keep them in place.

I've attached a couple pics of where the backband is located now.....

It looks to me like the band could be a bit (not a lot) closer to the back of the cockpit opening. My 'quick check' in most of my boats is that I should be able to get my fist between my back and the cockpit coaming at the back when sitting up straight. Do you have more space than that?

BTW, it wouldn't be hard to make another (longer) backband like that one if you have a plastics supply place local to you., if you like the basic design.

Don't forget to put the (bow and stern) flotation bags in your boat!