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Re: Maroske fittings: 3D Printed

I had a customer last fall ask me to use 3D printed Maroskes in his strip Frej. Talk about easy to install: Just drill two holes, bond the fitting to the underside of the deck, trim the exterior.

Those look very slick.
How big is the inside diameter?
Do you need to use a wire to lead cordage around those bends?
Maroske's are very sleek looking and elegant. If they are what is needed to get builders to put safety deck lines on their boats, I'm all in favour of them.
If I was more confident that I wouldn't want to 'add another shock cord for the paddle here' or 'rearrange the deck rigging' or 'add another line for the compass to attach to', I'd switch from padeyes and recessed fittings. With Maroske fittings, my initial ideas would have to be good for the long term.