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Re: Maroske fittings: 3D Printed *PIC*

How expensive is 3D printing these days?

My customer said that said that the fittings cost $5 to $8 each. The later ones were cheaper as "His Guy" found more efficient printing layouts and use of materials.. The cost could add up really quick on a complex deck schemes. I suppose if you already have your own machine it's pretty inexpensive: you just need to buy the filament.

Printing preview of the later ones:

Here's one of the earlier versions being made:

On a related tangent... On last winter's Atka-FSK (built after the Frej that had the 3D printed fittings) I made my own plastic fittings. I heat formed some plastic tubing into "U" shapes and glassed those into the deck. I ran a flexible mandrel into short lengths of tubing, heated it until malleable, and then bent it around a form (piece of copper pipe). They were held in that shape until cool and then the mandrel was removed. They generally all held their shape when cool. They were bonded in place with thickened epoxy under the "U" and a skin of glass over the entire fitting. Not as quick as the 3D printed ones to install but they worked really well. The plastic is also quite slippery. Bungee and cord slide through very easily.