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Re: Why Through-deck skeg
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I remember when one S&G model had a thru deck skeg and the logic was that you could just lower it by hand if needed and even that puzzled me. I have trouble imagining the advantage of a thru deck skeg all things considered. Maybe easier waterproof integrity?

Jay,I did mine that way knowing it would be very strong /weight.The Skeg can be very well engaged in the slot in terms of support for leverage side to side where the keel line becomes a pivot.Forgetfull idiot surf landings.Reverse landing disengages the skeg(in theory).
My last fin is very sloppy in terms of clearence but "well engaged"in terms of function,no jam ups,now,once very common and no flutter that I can tell (slow resonant frequency and fluid damping,no less.)Also,she's a play boat not needing capacity but some design robustness.The deck strips hide the slot so it's a surprise to find,then it's a long natter about boats.This is a disadvantage!
The lost buoyancy is offset by a quicker draining deck?Although I haven't noticed that either.
It's just cool./:-)