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Re: Why Through-deck skeg
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Jay,I found with the original foot controls I had to release the tension on the back loop,before I could drop the Skeg but only fully.Then I had to lift it back up incrementally untill I had what I thought I needed.It worked smoothly in one direction,up,so it was complicated but workable.Then one paddle on the beach after problems I introduced plan B a loop,of cord around the coaming and back round the (plan b) ss pin at the back top of the box then onto the top of the skeg(which is flush with the deck) then the loop continues to the other side of the coaming.I have to free the loop after I put on my spray deck.
I found out and agree with others that minute positioning is very helpful and it seems to me that is all you need to cope with anything.It initially presents a pie shape to the world on half deployment and further exposure reveals a fin with a total of 30 square inches currently.
My skeg is positioned 1/3 -2/3 so that when deployed it introduces a new pivot point in the boat some way aft.Without,I spin in the middle,with it deployed I spin around a point where the skeg is.(Petrel)
A good test is the weather/ lee cocking just sitting in the wind,boat unloaded, testing the skeg's intended function.I can spin the boat 170'degrees just using the skeg,my body movement /paddle extension in the wind.If I put the skeg say under my seat (1/2-1/2)then the skeg would not function as intended but might provide some better leeway.
Now,a (small) skeg towards the bow as ET once suggested and I've often yearned for when I've probably packed my touring boat wrong (lee cocking misery) is a very interesting proposition and probably a good idea for control in extreme conditions.