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Hello, new guy here, Im currently building a K1 its my first strip build but the the hull came out nice and fast (no staples , infinite bungee cords and tape as clamps) I already flipped it and stuff. I started stripping the deck but its curvature and rolling bevel was making this way harder specially since I dont have the boat on the stable strong back on which i could use it to bungee up everything.

So I basiclly gave up because im not willing to spend 3 weeks fighting de strip to put the damn deck when the hull (which is completly round, so the biggest limiting factor right now is that I dont have a decent base to work on) took only 1 week.

My plan right now is to glue a bunch of strips in a rectangle, with the accent strip and everything and just do like I did my 2 stitch and glue boat, bend it on 1
Arc (in this case I will just hollow out a form to use its arc) force all the overrall deck to take the bend and epoxy it to the sides. Then repeat with the front deck.

I already bente some strips to check if the wood would take both bends and it did nicely so in my mind theres nothing stopping me right now, has anyone done this that can provide feedback, or in anycase, is there any hope of success?