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In Response To: Strip: STRIP BUILT KAYAK DECK ()

I started stripping the deck but its curvature and rolling bevel was making this way harder specially since I dont have the boat on the stable strong back on which i could use it to bungee up everything.

I think I see what you're asking - it's a clamping issue, right? For the hull, you used bungees attached to the strongback to hold the strips against the forms, and you used tape to clamp each strip to its neighbor. Now that you've flipped the hull, though, there's nothing stable to attach the bungees to, so you're having trouble keeping the strips in position. Is that right?

If so - I'd suggest starting with exploring other clamping methods, like Rob Mack's hot glue method or Nick Schade's tape and clamping system that he shows in his videos. You might even consider stapling, and then covering the tracks with veneer if need be. (I used spring clamps and tape, myself, but didn't mind that I could only do a few strips at a time)

Hope that helps,