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YES, this is the issue, my strongback was rock solid so I could bungee even the most stubburn curve, now that I flipped it and have no craddles I'm like what now.

I saw some suggestions but just for curiosity I'm going to proceed with my idea and see how it goes. I now event want to glue the strips down the lenght instead of width wise so the.curve doesnt stress the joint that much.

In the case that this works I'm going to be impossibly mad because decking would be soooo easy and fast if during all the time planking the hull I would have my deck blanks ready so now it would just be flip hull, bend deck, glue deck, and doneee. (Obviusly oversimplyfying everything for the sake of writting).

Thanks for the replys I'll bring back some updates about how everything went.

Oh and also, answering some questions in anotber reply, my hull is already glassed and the design is custom from KF

ALSO here's one of my videos hopefully it helps illustrate how my hull stripping went by, as you can see around the 1:10 mark I not only used the bungees to keep strips toght to the forms, but also to help me just slide the next strip making alignment easy on the loose hull I dont have those privileges anymore.

Maybe the problem is that I fell inlove with that way of doing it because it felt so eficient that know I cant bear doing it any other way:(.

I think I see what you're asking - it's a clamping issue, right? For the hull, you used bungees attached to the strongback to hold the strips against the forms, and you used tape to clamp each strip to its neighbor. Now that you've flipped the hull, though, there's nothing stable to attach the bungees to, so you're having trouble keeping the strips in position. Is that right?