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The bigger concern that I have is that you built the hull with short strips and what appears to be butt joints. Is that the case or did you scarf the joints? Butt joints have very little strength and my concern is whether they'll hold up to the stresses that a hull endures.

Nope, in the video I just cut out the the scarfing and also all the time matching the angles for each strip on the side I did last.

The boat is 17'3" long, I worked all the way with 10ft strips scarfed to a whatever lenght I needed which I cut from an 8ft strip.

If using the 10 footers once the boat was getting shorter left too little space then instead of using a 10ft piece and a 4ft I used 2 x 7ft. This is how it went for most of the boat

One some areas (most notably the 2nd dark accent) I did in fact have enough , those strips I milled 12ft long but i didnt feel confident getting both angles right one just 1 strip so 1 took both angles separetly made sure the fitted how they should and scarfd them on the boat.

Theres not a single buttjoint I just didnt want to be fumbling with already glued 18 ft long strips. for the most part my work flow was

1) Get both angles
2) Scarf, make sure everything fits good
3) put the strips between the bungees have them already pretty much in position
4) spread glue
5) lower the strip from the bungee to the mating strip
6) clamp that mofo

On some I put both between bungees, put the glue then lower both but what felt more controlled was bungee, glue, clamp one and then lower the other.