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Strip: Unfinished strip kayak project advice request

It's been a while since I've been on this forum. Something like 16 years!

I'm looking for some advice on a potential project I'm considering taking on. The hull had been 90% striped and sanded then sold to a second owner who completed the hull but there are spots where the seams have come apart particularly at the bow and stern with some in between. Think this happened during transport on a trailer to the 2nd owner. If I become the 3rd owner, I'd have to car top the strongback and travel about 150 miles of mostly highway to get her home. I'd shrinkwrap the hull to the strongback, cam strap at each section then strap the strongback to the racks.

1st question is, do you thing the hull would survive the trip?
2nd question is, how much of a PITA would it be to re-glue the separated seams and resand the hull? Is this a lost cause? Are there any pitfalls?

My building experience has been 2 Coho stitch and glues.

Gary B.