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Other: Rank Your Top 5 Kayak Design Characteristics

If you had to list and rank the top 5 design characteristics of a kayak that you would design and use yourself, what would they be?

My List (Note that I'm predominately a flatwater kayaker):

1. Lightweight. It can look great and paddle like a dream, but if it weighs 60lbs+ I'm probably not going to use it very much.
2. Stability. If it's too tippy (like a surfski) and I'm constantly fighting to stay upright, not gonna work.
3. Tracking. My Borealis XL is such a pleasure to paddle--it just goes where I point it, in any conditions, with no skeg or rudder, and yet it turns very well--especially with edge turns. Doesn't turn as well as my ruddered kayaks, but I really dislike having to use/maintain a rudder. Constantly needing to do corrective strokes or use a skeg/rudder is a bummer....
4. Durability. Yep, plastic boats are for the most part bombproof, but heavy and ugly IMHO. That said, I don't want a "kayak snowflake" that has to be babied and pampered. I want to use it, and not worry too much about damaging it.
5. Looks. Clean lines, beautiful wood grain, etc, all part of the equation, important but last on my list.....