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Re: Other: Rank Your Top 5 Kayak Design Characteri

This question does assume only 1 kayak....... but I am going to make two lists!

First list is a playboat for everyday use

1) Lightweight - when you have (too) many kayaks, the lightest gets the most use
2) Low volume - if I'm not carrying anything, I don't need the space, and as a GP fan, I like a low deck
3) Loose tracking - with a skeg for lazy days
4) Excellent boat contact - I want to wear it, not sit in it
5) Fast - long, narrow and low wetted area. Stability is not so important, if the conditions are too rough for my (limited) ability, I'll take the other boat

The other boat is an expedition boat

1) Tough - if I have to land a heavily loaded boat through surf, I don't want to worry about damaging it
2) Big, but not too high-decked - I still want to use my GP, and be able to roll it if necessary
3) Quite strong tracking, and just on the weather-cock side of neutral
4) Comfortable. Really, really comfortable
5) Stable