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Strip: Made a mistake while correcting a mistake

I was fixing a mistake on my Guillemot build last night when I created another one. I used a heat gun to remove the fiberglass inside both ends of the hull so I could spread the hull to match the deck. The stern end came off fine. I marked the outline of the deck on a piece of plywood, offset the lines the thickness of the strips and cut the wedge on my bandsaw. A little more heat and the wedge slid into the hull to spread it to the proper dimensions. I put marks at 5mm increments along the edge and measured across the deck and hull and made adjustments until all measurements were within about 1mm.

I worked on the bow end last night and everything was going fine until I got mentally distracted with the heat gun in my hand. I heated one area too much and created a large (approximately 2" x 4")bubble on the outside of the hull. I haven't cut the fiberglass yet but I can see that it pulled the seal coat of epoxy off in some places down to bare wood. This is my first build and there are plenty of other mistakes but overall I think it looks pretty good. My question is how do I best correct mistake so it is as close to invisible as possible?

Thanks in advance


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Strip: Made a mistake while correcting a mistake
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