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Re: Strip: Holding A Foam Seat Down

In my wife's Shearwater 16 it doesn't move but I have to remember to remove before I put it on the car.....the highway gods have claimed a couple.

'Where did that sponge go?' - been there, done that.... :-)
I try to remember the cockpit cover when I'm cartopping my boats, after having a bow air bag 'almost' get sucked out - it was filling half the cockpit when I unloaded after a freeway trip.
Also, I really don't want (the weight of) water collecting in the boat if it rains enroute.
Covers are an easy DIY item if you can operate a sewing machine, but they are quite cheap to buy so not worth the trouble for me to make. Another one of those little 'accessories that add up to the co$t of boating.