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I'm building my second one.
It will be ok for a first build with a few exceptions.

One option is to make a rolled edge to the deck to hull joint.
heavily rolled in the middle, tapering to nothing at the ends.
Don't do it, just use the "normal" non-rolled joint.
This was the worst thing about both builds, the first one I sanded thru this rolled edge and the repair looked terrible (to me).

The other difficulty is that the deck has flat sections on either side of the centerline peak.
If you don't get the initial strip layup even, you will be sanding a great deal to get a smooth surface - all because you let one strip get lower than the rest.
A slightly curved deck would make this much easier.
On the second I cut down the peak to allow making this flat area curved. Haven't finished the stripping yet.

The high peak makes laying strips on the fwd edge of the cockpit difficult, due to the requirement of lots of twist. At least the way I built it. I modified the deck sections in the cockpit area to make a more gradual contour change. Again, I haven't done the deck stripping, so I can't report success, yet.

Have fun

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