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First of all, can I say how amazing the internet is? I ask what I think is a simple question and a half dozen fellow humans step up with thoughtful answers above and beyond what I thought I was asking. Thank you, all.

I wouldn't have worried much about the accuracy of the graph paper, but reviewers reported some sheets being off by 1/4" or more over 1' in one axis, fine in another, etc. Seemed like we'd be asking for problems- I'm sure I'll add more than enough variability to the drafting as it is.

I don't have legit draft equipment so a fully manual approach might be a stretch- but a fun stretch, at least.
And yes, my 12 year old probably will question why we're not making use of drafting software!

I'm guessing we'll explore a variety of techniques as the planning and building of kayaks has been as rewarding in its own way as paddling.