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Re: Skin-on-Frame: Thoughts on next build?

My club's winter pool digs are quite small, so while we don't technically say only whitewater kayaks, pretty much everyone brings only a whitewater kayak.

So here's my take on that-- The early (2006-2009) Jackson All-Stars are really easy rolling kayaks. I have taught lots of people to roll in them, even with a GP- although it's admittedly harder to lay back on the stern, because there really isn't one.

BUT- one of the best rolling kayaks of all time is the Dagger RPM. They made them in the late 90s, and they were so popular that Dagger started making them AGAIN like two years ago. My first time in one I was able to do a hand roll without even being shown. The are smooth and light- just the right balance. It's very much like rolling a sea kayak. I can almost guarantee that somebody has an RPM and they probably use it for teaching rolling.

If it will fit in the pool- I guarantee the whitewater paddlers would LOVE to try your Sea Ranger.