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Strip: Quick Repair?

I finally hit a rock. Not my finest moment, but I guess it happens. I was planning to go camping with a group this weekend, and I'd like to try and do at least a decent repair that will be ready to paddle by Friday. Can I just "fill" the dent with epoxy to get it closer to level? The dent is right at the forward bulkhead, and I'd rather not have to remove and replace that.

My thought is,
1. Let wood dry out, sand area thoroughly
2. Cut 2 or 3 layers of fiberglass for patching
3. Fill void with epoxy and lay in patches. Wet out fully
4. Sand and fill coat
5. Sand and varnish

Might skip step 4 just to get the job done more quickly. Can I skip the fiberglass for now and add it in later? Is there any hope of getting this seaworthy by Friday or should I let the group know I'm out.