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Re: Strip: Petrel Play build decisions

Update and more questions:

Strongback, forms, spacers, and inner stems are complete. Yesterday I went to buy my western red cedar only to discover the local supplier, Johnson's Workbench, is currently out. I'm now waiting for an update as to when they will have more.

I now intend to use 3/16 strips and 4oz cloth. I will be incorporating a skeg.


1) Nick's notes say thin epoxies can be brushed, thick should be rolled. The most popular seem to be MAS, West, and System Three -- which would be thick and which would be thin, or is it a matter of temperature more than brand? I am currently leaning toward System Three based on reviews and local availability.

2) I have Nick's skeg plans which describe building the skeg box from 4mm Okoume. Since it will be enclosed in fiberglass, would milling it in two parts from solid cedar be acceptable or am I losing strength? My thought was that if I mill it I can easily round all interior edges and corners to make for an easier fiberglass application. I might get started on the skeg while waiting for red cedar for the strips.